Service Delivery Models:

Project Outsourcing Model

Q:"I have a general idea of my project, but I don't have an accurate specification or requirement"

Pricing of our project outsourcing services will mostly depend on the scope of your project and the nature of the work. These are some of the pricing models we can offer you:

Hourly Rates

For many of our manpower-based projects, we will charge a fixed-hourly-rate. I need a person for certain hours a day.

Deliverable-based Price

For deliverable-based projects, we often charge a fixed fee per deliverable. Examples will be a fixed price per database of records, per webpage or per logo design.

Contract Price

In this case, we determine a fixed price for the entire contract. e.g. A fixed-price for the redesign and launch of a website which includes some online marketing and a year support.

Fixed Cost Model

Q:"The scope of my project is very specific, can you suggest a suitable cost model for my project"
A: Fixed Cost Model perfectly suits a client like you with well-defined scope and Software Requirement Specification; determined in terms of requirements, schedules, and project path. In this model, the project is executed under mutual agreement between you and the company for a fixed time at fixed pre-negotiable cost in terms of hours or mandays.

Time and Material based Model

Q:"My project doesn't have any software requirement specification, do you have any model that will deliver the right solution"
A: Time and Material based Model is a suitable model for projects with dynamic requirements. Wherein the Scope, Specification and Implementation plans are not specific at the initial stage of development. This model is preferably used for long-term projects that are prone to design changes in midstream due to the changing market trends. The company will provide you a rough estimation of the project where the cost factor depends upon the hourly/manday duration of the project.

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